Friday, January 25, 2008

Khamala is a True Educated Dimwit!

This is not out of the blues, but there are many fools who will come up with an excuse or a very deep justification for any crime. Sometimes we call them advocates full of sh... and the best is, Charles A. Khamala who writes,
" Assuming that Kibaki anticipated Raila’s intention to ignore constitutional requirements in order to introduce federalism, then his motives of preventing a potential unconstitutional dictatorship may be construed as laudable. Kibaki’s uncouth method of vote-grabbing might then be interpreted as being a lesser evil compared with a potentially greater evil which Raila’s forced federalism (ethnic cleansing) might inflict on Kenyans."

Well he also read some fiction written by, "John Stuart Mill, in “Considerations on Representative Government” regarded benevolent dictatorship as the most feasible and viable approach to oversee rapid development of backward societies. Whether Kibaki will be remembered as benevolent or malevolent is for economic historians to record."
Kumbafu Khamala takes Kenyans to be "mentally passive people," and he does not add what John Stuart concludes that, "democratic society will be not only more just but more productive than even the most benevolent dictatorship."

Click What was this fool doing in school? to digest a dimwit.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

It is Painful, "Davos Question 2008"

When I think of many who are poor and how powerless I am.
My family that lives in poverty and how helpless I am.
My brothers, cousins too and how useless I am.
My uncles and aunts and how unthankfull I am.
Push for change and fairness then fight, cry and pray
Kibera, Mathare here we come, our humanity is at stake.
Kibera, Mathare, you are the stakeholders.

The Question

The Answer, but what would Adam Smith say?

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Raila on Kenyans in the Diaspora, "Grow up."

This clip shows how disgusted Raila is with Kenyans abroad. "You are so suspicious among yourselves. You are fighting among yourselves even outside here," Raila tells Kenyans in Toronto, Canada. Just think about that observation compared to Africans in the diaspora before independence.

Ukabila na upumbavu among those who have had the opportunity outside Kenya is mindbogglingly. Wakisii na wakisii, wakamba na wakamba, wkikuyu na wakikuyu, wajaluo na wajaluo, wakalenjin na wakalenjin and on and on. Lunatics in the diaspora cannot be trusted. Raila should put Luos from Kariakoo or Tudor Momabasa in positions of power. You get a Havard Luo, then expect the worst. I am out here and Ukabila umejaa. We are a bunch of educated kumbafus.

Kenya Ministry of Finance, still Okuyos.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Democracy Not Now," says, Mukoma Ngugi

Here is another blatant tribalista, Pambazuka,s Mukoma Ngugi who you would expect, tulitarajiya ati he can stand up and speak clearly, but tribal pride forces him to take a dive against justice and democracy. Ati I used to blaa kondoo.

Democracy Now, ndio SASA ama....

AMY GOODMAN: Maina Kiai in Nairobi, we’re also joined by Mukoma wa Ngugi, a Kenyan writer in Cleveland, Ohio. He’s a commentator on BBC’s Focus on Africa magazine. Mukoma wa Ngugi, you are very critical of Raila Odinga and the Orange Democratic Movement.

MUKOMA WA NGUGI: Yeah, I think—well, first I should say that, you know, most of the things I’ve been critical of ODM can also apply to PNU.
What I’m trying to argue and I’ve been arguing in my writing is that we need—first we need to name things, we need to call things what they are. We need to realize that the nature of African politics for the last fifty years has been changing. So we find that people automatically assume that because somebody’s in the opposition it means they’re good guys, because traditionally that has been the role of the opposition. Now we’re in a situation where the government in power in most African countries is neoliberal, and the opposition party is equally neoliberal. This is to say that both parties in power, or once the opposition gets into power, we shouldn’t expect a people power, a revolution, if you will, or progressive politics. So, essentially, that’s my first criticism of the way we’re approaching African politics. Certainly, things have changed. You know, we can no longer assume the opposition automatically means they’re good guys.

What is he trying to say, NEO TRIBALISTA, akili imeruka. Ukabila, Upumbavu. Msaliti. Can we trust anyone NOW. Yes, OSU, remember in Chinua Achebe's "No Longer at Ease," when Obi was told that he cannot marry a woman because she was an osu. Ukabila Upumbavu. The father who had become a christian told Obi that her family was excommunicated. Being an osu is beyond bad, even being saved cannot change osuness. What has become very clear before and after elections is, Wakikuyu hate Jaluos with passion, and Kenyans do not buy into their hate. Kenyans might not have voted for Raila, but voted Kibaki and his fellow corrupt thievs out. Kenya also were not happy seeing dictator Moi all over Kibaki. We know Jaluos have helped Kikuyus to positions of power with unquestionable courage. The prize the Odinga family has paid is too much not to believe in their vision of Kenya. Yes, that is me saying, "Tawala Raila Tawala" and YES, Kibaki LOST beyond stupidity. Those who lead the Nairobi Stock Exchange were off the mark. They put too much behind a drunk horse. Now the apologist are coming out of the woods. Ma big advise to many and people like Mukoma is, just "shut the F.... up."

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Wow! Someone is Mad. Mwizi Wazimu

Mwenda Wazimu, Kraaaazy Mwizi.

I was about to post a response to Mukoma Mukosa Akili, but nothing was coming up. I just had this feeling, "some wazimu mwizi is trying to rig da blog.
The Revolution Will Be Blogged.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

3 Paragraphs point to "Bad Changes."

This article point to a disturbing trend. Three paragraphs appear in the Standard showing a major change. I think the government wants war. But why would they be destroying Kenya? We have seen what war produces. Anyway, let us wait and see if some of the elite jump ship.

Kenya counts losses (somewhere

Police headquarters termed as ‘unfortunate’ an incident in which an anti-riot officer was captured on camera shooting two unarmed protestors in Kisumu, killing one. (The Revolution Will Be Utubed)

Angry residents who claim some Ugandan soldiers were in the country blocked the Eldoret–Nakuru highway and with assistance from a senior GSU officer from Nairobi, established the vehicle had no Ugandans. (Fanya Fujo Uone are negotiating with citizens) That was supposed to be their job, lakini they chose to be dogs.

In Molo armed youths ambushed a contingent of security personnel in Molo and killed an officer, as post-polls violence escalated. (What was that, Armed Youth)

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Kenyans Lawyers Agree, "Kibaki Must Go."

Kenya has lawyers too, but how effective can they be?

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wakikuyu Wanakataa (Jan 16 2008) Arrogance and Shame!

No Change in the Ministry of Finance (Kenkuyu Tresury). It cannot be arrogance or ignorance, but kukosa heshima na adabu. Fueling tribalism. Are there any wakikuyus near kumbafu kibaraka. Hatutaki chuki na ubaguzi. Kikuyus can keep what they have, but we might end up loosing all we have. F...d up. Take the page out! Do something! Pure wapumbavu hayawani. Ni kama kutia kidole ndani ya jicho. Pocking Kenyans in the eyes is not smart

Minister For Finance
_____Hon Amos Kimunya, See Profile (Kikuyu)
Assistant Minister Finance
_____Mr Peter Kenneth, See Profile (Kikuyu)
Permanent Secretary
_____Mr. Joseph Kinyua, See Profile (Kikuyu)
Investment Secretary
_____Ms. Esther Koimett, See Profile (Biwott's daughter)
Secretary/Director of Pensions
_____Ms. Anne K. Mugo, See Profile (Kikuyu)
Economic Secretary
_____Dr Kamau Thugge, (Kikuyu)

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The Title Is Changing To, "The Kikuyu."

The title is changing slowly but sure to, "The Kikuyu." If the arrogance of the Kikuyu Elite continues then expect the worst adjectives to be inserted before "Kikuyu."

Yes, being Kenyans we are different, we just looked at the inhuman tribal pride, sometimes with a smile. We prayed and hoped that someone somewhere will say "this is not right," but here we are. It is very sad we are here, but can we say for a fact that we Kenyans would never have arrived hapa tuko, this ugly destination? The light was on all those many moons, but blindly we chose to believe our beautiful and soothing words of the national anthem. We sang and believed, but can we also truly say, we all believed? You never know, but there is a possibility some of us were laughing at the rest.

The links below are a sign of something good for the future of Kenya, but it might also turn to be the beginning of the ugly hate of one tribe, the Kikuyu. Many of us can claim to have Kikuyu friends and sometimes family members, but if we don’t start talking to each other and helping those who are really in need of help then all friendship and family will goo to the toilet.

(1) Washington Post on January 16, 2008 had a very telling story or are they writing a future script. Let us hope it is not their wish.

"I am at a disadvantage because I'm Luo." Amini usiamini.
lakini sikiza vile anasema:
"Kikuyus and Luos do not read from the same page," Ulikuwa wajua?.
It was around 5 p.m. when he got off a bus run by a Kikuyu company and
made his way through the crowded dirt paths of Kangeme
He bought vegetables at a Kikuyu-owned stand,
walked to his Kikuyu-owned house
on Kikuyu-owned land and
washed his face with water from a Kikuyu-owned pump.
"The vehicles on the road, theirs.
Vegetables in the market, theirs.
Plots, theirs," he said as he arrived home.
"There is only the air we are sharing."

Soma yote:
Tribal Identity Shapes Kenyan Views, Realities
Blocks Apart in Nairobi, Sharply Divergent Lives.

(2) "Corporate Kenya finally faces reality of tribalism."
The East African had another take:
"Corporate Kenya is waking up to the reality of how much political and ethnic conflicts at the national level can affect productivity at the workplace."
Selective ignorance, all those days. Paka alikufa aknuka na sasa ameoza.

Already, many companies with branches all over Kenya are being forced to effect hasty transfers by deploying staff to parts of the country deemed safe for particular tribes.
Some kind of affirmative action.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Unequal Burden: Income and Racial Disparities

Justice, what does it mean? After reading the report about subprime loans, I just wondered what it means to the people in the third world. This is happening here today, in the United States. In the third world it is worse. Here is the last paragraph that made me wanna...:

Key findings of the Department of Housing and Urban Development analysis show that: 1) From 1993 to 1998, the number of subprime refinancing loans increased ten-fold. 2) Subprime loans are three times more likely in low income neighborhoods than in high-income neighborhoods. 3) Subprime loans are five times more likely in black neighborhoods than in white neighborhoods. 4) Homeowners in high-income black areas are twice as likely as homeowners in low-income white areas to have subprime loans. Cont.

Another link

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Mchawi Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi, Ana mastory mazee

Mutahi Ngunyi said it, but we never picked it up. Zbigniew Brzezinski is the other cat that puts material out there for you see and then, BOOOM! Before sept kumi na moja, Brzezinski had a book out ,"The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives." That kind of blaaaa, and reading it I just wondered how he got it. Chapter four had this thing about whoever controlled the "Blackhole," would control thr world for the next 50 years. IRAQ. But to do so there has to be a war which to Prof Bzee, the Americans could not allow it, unless there was an attack like Paaaaaal Habari. Sep kumi na moja kaboom, na leo vipi. Do they not control the Black Hole.

Anyway I was talking about Mzee Ngunyi na balaa Kenya. Hivi nimepata barua kutoka kwa jamaa, and it was written ... might Dec 2003. It predicted what is going on in Kenya Today. Can you believe this jamaa? And before you go any other place read another of his uchawi, "Shetani Ashindwe." Look at the date.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Re-colonization of Ngugi’s Mind

Ngugi wa Thion’go had every right to support whoever he wanted in the past rigged Kenya election. His choice of throwing his weight behind Kibaki his former teacher at Makerere is understandable and commendable. Many would have wished the "internationally renowned Kenyan scholar" remained neutral. Ngugi’s commentary on BBC titled, "Ngugi laments Kenya Violence," is very disturbing and puts many former students, great admirers and people of color all over the world in a very difficult position.

On the violent reaction after Kibaki’s violent coup, Ngugi laments "that this instant seems to have been part of a co-ordinated programme with similar acts occurring in several other places at about the same time against ordinary members of the same community." Rather than standing tall and tell truth to power, our great African scholar, the proud author of "Decolonization of the Mind," seems blinded by tribal pride and chooses tribe over justice. Kibaki’s violent coup instigated violence upon an innocent nation. Ngugi cannot be naive to think, "Shoot to Kill," is a title of a movie, but an order to kill poor Kenyans by Kibakis illegitimate government. After the Rodney King verdict by an all white jury was pronounced, African Americans’ reaction was not co-ordinated and Ngugi would be committing intellectual suicide by stating otherwise.

Because of my high respect of Professor Ngugi wa Thion’go, I find it very hard to comment on the next two paragraphs, but hope he would re-evaluate his insinuation.

Paragraph (1)
An opposition movement is potentially a government of tomorrow. A programme that such a political organisation draws while in opposition would obviously be the programme they'll try to implement when in power.

Paragraph (2)
That's why such acts must be condemned even when they are clothed in progressive, democratic-sounding words and phrases.

It is the people of Kenya who were the opposition and the victims. To promote that the "Kikuyus are the victims and since Kibaki is a Kikuyu, then he too is a victim" is a bit of a stretch. Yes, the illegitimate Kibaki government INSTIGATED violence, (walipanga kuiba na kuuwa), they planned to steal and kill and the best proof is, "Ngugi look at the mirror."

Ngugi knew when he sided with Kibaki he would be accused of promoting tribalism and unless professor Ngugi wa Thion’go reads all his books, don’t expect him to change. Ngugi’s position should not be taken lightly.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

The Real Enemies of Dedan Kimath

Looking Back. If Dedan Kimathi was alive today, where would he be? The answer might be either Kibera or Mathare. Looking for answers is a journey that might take us to places we would rather forget.

Here is a former colonialist talking about his good old days in Nyeri, "This time it was at an abandoned farm known as Tozers. Dedan Kimathi's role was to lead the gangs under his control in a fight against the British Raj, the local settlers, but mainly against those elders of his tribe who continued to prefer the status quo underneath the Colonial Government." Read about the death of Dedan Kimath. What does Home Guard Michuzi think?

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Before We Make the Next Move

It is very important to look back before we make any move. Violence has been a tool used by many freedom fighters. The violent reaction after Mwizi took over is a clear answer that Violence will not work. Some people might say, "let's not take off the table," but the enemy is not the poor neighbor, The Kalenjin, That Kikuyu, That, Kamba, That Mdigo, but let as be very clear, it is the HOME GUARD!

Not only the Kibarakas, but the Aworis, the Kalonzos and many who would like Kenyans to take the wrong tool. Mathare is full of victims Kenyan Satanic Greed and the majority are KIKUYUS. "Hey People, let us think and look back. Dedan Kimathi would also say it is the Home Guards, and the Kenyan Home Guard economy STUPID." Violence will hurt mostly Kenyans and not the Home Guard vibarakas.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ngugi Accusing the Opposition

Ngugi laments Kenya violence

Renowned Kenyan novelist and playwright Ngugi wa Thiong'o tellls BBC World Update his views on the unrest that has engulfed Kenya since last month's disputed elections.

Rigged elections is one thing - it can be righted by any mutually agreed political measures - but ethnic cleansing is another matter altogether. Yes We Agree

What is disturbing is that this instant seems to have been part of a co-ordinated programme with similar acts occurring in several other places at about the same time against ordinary members of the same community. It Seems, but it was not coordinated, until there is proof, but there is a lot of BBC proof that shows rigging was coordinated.

Ordinary people do not wake up one morning and suddenly decide to kill their neighbours. That is very true.

Ethnic cleansing is often instigated by the political elite of one community against another community. It is premeditated - often an order from political warlords. Very True

An opposition movement is potentially a government of tomorrow. A programme that such a political organisation draws while in opposition would obviously be the programme they'll try to implement when in power. We don't know what Ngugi is trying to imply, but he has every right to draw any conclusion.

Some bits and pieces. Read The rest

Visit Dictator Kibaki

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Ain't That a

Ministry of Finance in Kenya: TODAY January, 10 2008. Two weeks of seeing thousands of Kikuyus being displaced and many killed for no reason than belonging to Mwizi Kibaraka's tribe. I hope someone will just do something about the people above. Haven't they seen. Shame on them idiotic satanic thugs. Innocent people being killed and The Ministry of Finance remains the same. The people around the Presedente are adding fuel. Please don't push. Change their names!!!!! We want to save our country from ourselves. We can no longer point fingers to outside forces.

OK!! Mwizi rigged the elections and there is enough evidence and........whatever! It does not matter. What can you say when a thief is too confident, they don't have to hide and sometimes they can do their dirty work in the open. As far as we are hoping to get a piece from the big thief, we will keep quiet and wait. Many Kenyans are used to the belief that, only the big idiot has the power. Munakaa munangojea kama ....

"PEOPLE POWER" is what Kenya needs. If Raila becomes president, the names above will start with OOOOOOs all the way. We all know that and that is why those who are in the second floor are not on the streets. They are hoping the big idiot upstairs will give them a chance. Life is not being given a chance by a bunch of thugs. Kibaki was educated in Makerere and London School of Economics. All that has not made him into a better human being. He is a thief, just like a street thug.

Ministry of Finance in Kenya: TODAY January, 10 2008. Two weeks of seeing thousands of Kikuyus being displaced and many killed for no reason than belonging to Mwizi Kibaraka's tribe. I hope someone will just do something about the people above. Haven't they seen. Shame on them idiotic satanic thugs. Innocent people being killed and The Ministry of Finance remains the same. The people around the Presedente are adding fuel. Please don't push. Change their names!!!!!

We want to save our country from ourselves. We can no longer point fingers to any tribe. Those who killed women and children in the church are Kenyans. Yes, let as stand up and say we killed our own. We never challenged our leaders when they wronged our neighbors.

Kalenjins are killing today as if yesterday never existed.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Do You Believe in "The Power of Prayer"

It is hard to explain it, but you have to believe it. Having finished my last posting on Kibaki's silliest move where I mentioned the POWER OF PRAYER, I opened my email. I was moving away from the computer, but somehow like a robot, I opened my email. I could not believe my eyes, but like any other human being, I just brushed it aside with some basic explanation. "It must be a coincidence, "no__I convinced myself, "I must have seen the email before writing about the POWER OF PRAYER," and on and on. The truth is known by the Almighty, the Creator. If you don't believe in the POWER OF PRAYER that is OK, but I hope you can read the next line.

This LINE: Read this posting and then this link to a story in Mombasa. Once you are done, Ask yourself, "Have I prayed for those who are hurting in Kenya?"

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Kibaki names cabinet. Kalonzo ni Kumbafu Malaya

God was answering the prayers of those who had lost their loved ones. It looked promising and we thought why not join in prayer. Many of us who believe in prayer convinced many who had forgotten how to pray as well as those who had given up on THE POWER OF PRAYERS, to come along__"Let's US Pray."

EEEwe Moola, Wewe ndio uko na nguvu, Help US! We prayed for our country, our people, and put a lot of emphasis when we prayed for those who had lost family members. Since we prayed a lot, we might have forgotten to pray for our SATANIC LEANING LEADERS.

How tragic. How can we forgive ourselves; what will those who believe in the POWER of PRAYERS think. "God Help Us."

Let us hope and pray that we did not give the non-believers, and those who believe in VIOLENCE the tools to convince our children as well as those who don't see the difference, to destroy our country.

Here we go. When we were busy praying in churches and mosques, the SATANIC ADVISERS to our PRESIDENTE who many believe is nothing short of a THIEF, pulled him back to their SATANIC CAVE, and can you believe, they had the guts to tell him, the KUMBAFU WAKENYA, believe in prayers. They gave our Mr. Presedente a list of SANDUKU. Now that is serious business.

Kivuitu the chair of the Election Commission of Kenya is from the HONEST and PROUD Kamba tribe. Getting TRIBALISIS. Kivuitu did not only let Kenyans down, he should be ashamed of being a Mukamba. If he was threatened or paid, let us not do anything to him. Let him live with that sin and pray that his wish of going to a divinity school materializes. He will need all the prayers before he goes to HELL.

The Wakamba by not giving ODM-K all their votes, by taking away 4 seats out of 17, showed political maturity. At this time, all we say is KALONZO KUMBAFU and continue praying. We cannot afford to forget our SATANIC LEANING LEADERS, in our daily prayers.

Published on January 8, 2008, 12:00 am
By Standard Reporter (click to go to the 17 members of the SANDUKU ya KIFO)

President Mavi Kibaraka has named a 17 member cabinet with ODM-Kenya leader Mr Kamundu Muujinga as the Vice-President.

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Letter to JALUODOTCOM, "Ngugi signs Petition that Kibaki rigged the Election."


Ngugi wa Thiongo, thousands of Kikuyus and fellow Kenyans have signed a petition that Mwai Kibaki and his Party of National Unity (PNU) rigged the December 2007 Kenyan presidential election.

Some of the comments by Kenyans made me cry. Many said they voted for Kibaki or PNU, but agree ODM won. One wrote that he voted for PNU and saw Kibaki as an uncle, but he should step down and let Odinga rule. Another compared Kibaki to Mugabe, but the good thing in all the comments is the civility and humility, which is a true Kenyan value.

For those who have been blaming Kikuyus I think it is about time to tone down and grow up. I am sorry to say JALUO.COM is no longer a place for Luos only, but all Kenyans even if non-Luos do not contribute as much. I have been all over the web looking for other Kenyan voices, but the fact is Jalous are on top. They write more than any other TRIBE and not three paragraphs or six, but more than a basic posting.

The writing shows Jaluos are highly educated and if one would do some basic research, one would find that Jaluos are not only smart, but they too like Kikuyus have had access to education. We cannot say the same for Boranas, Digos, Rendiles, Somalis, Giriamas, Bajunis and many other Kenyans. The way things are, Kibaki is going down, but we cannot allow our emotions and fear to drive other Kenyans out of the country.

Kenyans are facing the worst time all over the country, from Kisumu to Mombasa. In some areas people are being told Mungiki are coming and in other areas, Kikuyus are feeling like they are not Kenyans. It is about time we look back and think for a moment. How many of those posting here or in other blogs have lived in Mathare or Kibera asili. How many of you have access to a refrigerator full of food and drinks. How many of you would like to trade places with those who have never known the difference between breakfast and lunch. I don’t think anyone of you would prefer to be those who are killing their neighbors.

One of the most famous personalities in Kenya and hero of mine is Chege, a Luo. Most young Kenyans today even Kikuyus, don’t want to be Raila or Kibaki, but none other than Oliech, another Kenya star.

I hope other people visiting JALUODOTCOM, will visit the petition page and read the comments and sign, in the hope of saving OUR BELOVED OSHAGO.

Asante Sana,

Mohamed Ahmed

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kikuyus split Wazee Wezi Vs Vijana

It is true, wazee wezi are not bothered by stealing the election or whatever, tell them they might not be allowed to send their laundry to London. That will get them to wake up. Even the smartest don't see the STUPIDITY. Wamezoeya kuiba iba and not only from their country, but from their own families.

I and you are those vijana who from the very beginning said "No, you cannot do that, you are embarrassing us. We are Kenyans too." I knew only an imbecile , (kumbafu kubwa) could burn our young democracy. Kibaraka does not know the days of Mzee Kenyatta are gone and if at all he tried to come back, atanyolewa ndevu.

Excuse me, but this is an easy target; how could Uhuru forget how all traffic was redirected from Gatundu to Kabarak. I might be wrong, but stupidity is characteristic of many of us. If Mwizi is allowed to rule while drank and Lucy going around slapping whoever for the next five years, then we better accept Uhuru Kenyatta as the president.

Moi, stupid Moi. I said it aha! "Stupid Moi." Can you try to say it and just breath in and imagine how that feels. Now we have Mwizi Kibaraka and wow! That does not feel like saying "Stupid Moi," but it is OK.

With Tororotich as head advisor, IT thinks it can take Kenya back to the days of Kinyangarika and Msaliti, just because, are you ready, ..... Lucy Kibaraka could slap an official a week before the elections and nobody said anything. Moi must have told him not to worry. "Si ona fire mama anapiga baba ya mutu gofi, waghenya ni ghama watoto. Hata haguna haja ya gura."

Because it was accepted as normal, a first lady is like a Mama Taifa and thus, yes, she can slap a government official, a father, an uncle, someone's son, a grown up man in front of everyone to see, take video and pictures if they wanted. The media people were treated like chicken by the thugs. The footage was wiped out, film destroyed. The media reported the humiliation of a Kenyan Citizen, but the country was very accepting. That official, that son of Kenya was all of us. That is why Kibaraka and his thugs felt comfortable and with no respect to whoever was observing, they stupidly thought, Kenyans will accept rigging just like how the Lucy Kibaraka slapped a Kenyan Citizen with no shame.

No! No! NO! We have to empower our people Kikuyu or non Kikuyu to say "NO, WE are grown up women and men."

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Commentaries Before the Kenya Elections

I am trying to compile some of the commentaries before the elections. If you have any please post them.

Spotlight: Mwai Kibaki – Absentee leader seeking re-election
By Barney Jopson and William Wallis
December 23 2007 19:49
Financial Times

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“Sisi ni wageni wa nani leo.”

A response to another blogger in kiswahili.
PHILIP OCHIENG has a nice take on the killing, "Attacking one's neighbour is misplaced anger.

Ubaya wetu haukuanza na kura tarehe 27, 2007, sisi kila siku tunaona binaadamu wenzetu wakidhulumiwa. Mara ngapi tumesimama na kuangalia kama hayawani mwizi akichomwa na tairi. Ndio wizi ni tabia mbaya, lakini tukifika pahali pakumchoma binaadamu mwenzetu, kwasababu ya shilingi kumi, basi huwa hatuna utu.

Ni jambo muhimu tujiulize, kwanini siku zilizopita hatukuwa na ushujaa na kusema sheria lazima ipewe nafasi, na tuhakikishe wale walio na jukumu hilo la kuhukumu wezi wa aina yeyote, wako na uwezo. Kama wakishindwa kufanya kazi yao, basi hao ndio maadui zetu na kama hatua itachukuliwa, sio huyo masikini mwenzako anafaa kutiwa tairi, bali hao askari, majaji, wana siasa, mawaziri mpaka rais mheshimiwa.

Ukabila upo na sio wakati wa kujadiliana kuhusu ubaguzi, bali tujiulize "utu wetu uko wapi leo." Aibu sio kwa huyu ama yule, Mkikuyu, Mjaluo , Mkalenjin ama Kibaki na Raila, dunia nzima inaona uchi wetu. Aibu ilioje leo. Elimu yetu yote haina faida wala utajiri wakupindukia.

Kanisa linatiwa moto na binaadamu, watoto na kina mama. Bado tunazungumza kama hiyo ni sawa. Muerevu ni yule atakubali kuwa sote tuko na makosa.

Umasikini wakupindukia unatuangalia asubuhi na jioni.
Watoto wa barabarani wanavuta gamu.
Barabara zimejaa mashimo kutoka Busia mpaka Mombasa.
Matajiri na magari ghali vijijini.
Mawaziri wana peleka nguo kufuliwa uingereza.
Ofisi gorofa ya pili, kabila moja.
Kupata kibali kwenda kuja kesho.
Hospitali ya serikali,daktari anauliza “wapi sindano yako.”
Jiji kuu la Nairobi limejaa takataka.
Haina haja kuendelea, hata kipofu atasema, "Harufu mbaya."
Mimi na wewe ndio tulitia moto Kanisani.
Waliokufa kifo kibaya chakusikitisha, sio Wakikuyu.
Tumewauwa ndugu zetu.
Nakuuliza, “sisi ni wageni wa nani leo.”

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Prophet Barrack Muluka's Preditions

After reading, Help Stop the Genocide ( The Kikuyu side)
I clicked some of the links and NOT to my surprise, Prophet Barack had some figures that were a bit too much to digest.

The Prophet's predictions are taught in "Disaster 101" in all major schools, from Kindergarten to standard 4. Well, it is not lack of education that puts Kenya in the current situation, but pure GREED and STUPIDITY.

Just wondering: Raila is a multi millionaire can he respond:
What have you been doing in Kibera all these years as far as your millions are concerned?
Do you have a homeless shelter, a clinic, a childcare center, an adult school, a social center in Kibera or as if we care, Langata?

Moody Awori is a very successful Luo, Filthy rich, he is also the vice president who received a "thumping," as Bush would say. A script for uncle Moody with due respect:

Kenyans: Do those figures matter to you?

Thumped Awori: What figures are you talking about, I was rigged out, but I am back.

Kenyans: You should be humbled after WE fired you.

Thumped Awori: Who is we, no one can fire me . You know how many boards are
on my waiting list.

Kenyans: Yes we know how many boards, but it is all blah blah blah,
Thumped Awori: Ero kamano, are you a luo or okuyo?

Kenyans: it does not matter and since we have made you an example, just take
a walk and shut up. You better resign in all the boards before we go after them.

You are our ENEMY , if your company has a politician on your board or your payroll.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Help Stop the Genocide ( The Kikuyu side)

At last, this is a breath of fresh air. Kenya Development Network and Consortium (KDNC) has published. The debate can start. I agree! I disagree!

"Raila Odinga exploited the above sentiments to gain support of people from Rift Valley and Coast province that are xenophobic." Uh! Ah! That does not help, but it is good.

Help Stop the Genocide

The international press and the international community are pre-occupied with the results of the recently concluded elections in Kenya while genocide goes on unabated. It is sad to note that we are quick to give justification of the killings while ignoring the historical events that have put us in this predicament.

The opposition is accusing President Mwai Kibaki’s party of rigging the election by inflating the results. On the other hand the president’s party is accusing the opposition of locking out its (the ruling party’s) agents from its strongholds then allowing multiple voting by compromising election officials. A close look at the election results shows that there was an unrealistically high turnout of voters in Eastern Province and Central Province where the president is rated favorably. There was also a very high turnout of voters in opposition strongholds in Rift Valley and Nyanza Provinces. This makes it difficult to tell who the real winner is in that poll that was said to be too close to call in pre-election surveys.

So how did the results lead to violence?
Even before the elections were held, there was propaganda circulating in Kenya pitting the Kikuyu tribe against the rest of Kenyans. Lists of Kikuyu government employees were circulated to create the notion that only Kikuyus were occupying top jobs. Those lists contained names of people from the Embu and Meru communities that live in the area around Mt. Kenya.

Kikuyu, Meru (composed of Meru, Mbeere, Tharaka) and Embu make up 24%, 6% and 3% of the Kenyan population respectively. People from these tribes are lumped together as GEMA and make up over 30% of the Kenyan population. One would expect a people who make up 30% of the population to have a noticeable presence in the job market and in the economy.

Then we propaganda saying that Central Province contributed the least in taxes yet it was allocated the most amount of money for development. This was first revealed in an op-ed by Barrack Muluka (The Standard, Saturday July 29, 2006 and Saturday July 22, 2006).

Kenya is a unitary state that is mainly funded by income tax and sales tax. From what I understand the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) doesn’t keep tally on what each province contributes. Such a figure will be hard to come by because businesses are registered in Nairobi and remit their income tax to KRA in Nairobi no matter what part of the country the companies are doing business. Also a significant number of people working in Nairobi City live in Central province. This means that if we were to look at income tax collected from Nairobi, it will also include residents of Central Province.

Those talking about distribution of wealth present the case as though the distribution should be between tribes. The reality on the ground is that Kenya has a few rich people (made of elites from all tribes) and a majority of poor people. The elites pushing the tribal agenda deflect the issue of equitable distribution of wealth from being a class issue and make it a tribal issue. The majority of Kenyans living in the slums is made up of people form the Kikuyu tribe.

The area around Mt. Kenya where the so-called Gema tribes come from is densely populated forcing it inhabitants to seek land and jobs outside their ancestral lands. Today, the Kikuyu and the Kisii (people a densely populated region in Nyanza Province) can be found in all part of Kenya. A majority of Kenyan immigrants in the USA and the UK can trace their lineage to the Kikuyu and Kisii tribes. In Kenya where tribes are supposed to own regions, it creates a lot of tension. A Kikuyu doing business in Kisumu is not viewed as just another Kenyan who is working hard to earn his bread but as an alien coming in to dominate the local people. This tension mixed with politics has in the past resulted in tribal cleansing.

Politicians who seek to control their tribes have used ethic identity (an equivalent of ultra-nationalism as in Germany and Russia). These politicians promise their tribesmen that they will establish Majimbo (Federalism) as a way to ensure that the Kikuyu and other “aliens” don’t dominate over them. To a significant population of Kenyans (mainly in Coast Province and Rift Valley) Majimbo means that Kenyans will go back to their ancestral land and leave behind their property.

The right too own property in any part of Kenya by any Kenyan citizen is a farce. A significant number of Kenyans believe that tribes own regions and those seeking to invest in those regions are temporary visitors who can be ejected at any time. Ejection and murder of “aliens” has happened in the recent past.

The following quote points this out:
“They said although ODM pentagon member William Ruto urged residents to observe peace when he visited the area, a politician from the area met youths and held a meeting at Maemba running into midnight, where he supplied them with torches and gumboots.

The politician is reported to have said that those who had bought land in the area had rendered the indigenous people landless and consequently homeless.”

Just before the election, Hilary Ngw’eno -a Luo veteran journalist- wrote a series of “historical” articles in the Daily Nation on the role of the Gema (Kikuyu) mafia in the late President Kenyatta administration. It is now apparent that Ngw’eno was pushing the Kikuyu vs. Kenyans agenda even further. His articles were supposed to remind Kenyans of the “evil” Kikuyus and their conspiracy to control Kenya. President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga’s father parted ways politically because Oginga Odinga was pro-communism while Kenyatta was pro-capitalism. People who want to rouse ethnic animosity often leave this fact out and argue that Kikuyus pushed Luos out of the Kenyatta government.

ODM and Raila’s Odinga’s role in the current ethnic cleansing
The background above is what has brought us up to this situation. Raila Odinga exploited the above sentiments to gain support of people from Rift Valley and Coast province that are xenophobic. Raila Odinga has never been for Majimbo but he chanced his stand to get the support of William Ruto (hails from the Kalenjin group of tribes), Najib Balala (a Muslim from Coast Province), and William Ole Ntimama (led the 1992 and 1997 ethnic cleansing).

The election results are just an excuse used to execute a preconceived genocide. It is a shame then when Raila Odinga justifies acts of genocide by claiming that those engaging in the crimes are “peacefully” protesting against a rigged election. He has asked the president to step down if he wants the killings stop.
The following quote from Reuters doesn’t show a people who are protesting the election results but a people who are out to commit genocide.

As black smoke billowed overhead, one crowd waved machetes and yelled "Death to Kikuyus". Young boys swigged looted beer.
"We have just started. We will loot all Kikuyu shops and kill them on sight," said Richard Ondigi, 23, a driver.

There are many reports like these.
In an action reminiscent of the Rwanda, Kalenjin Raiders who are supporting Raila Odinga and the local MP William Ruto (promised to be PM) torched a church killing more than 50 Kenyans mainly from the Kikuyu tribe.

Raila is yet to talk about the Eldoret massacre. He has denied a instigating a genocide saying, "The security forces are shooting people on sight. It is Kibaki that should be blamed."

Until yesterday, the Raila campaign website carried rumors that the Army and Police chiefs had quit. This information has been on the site for more than 3 days. The site had also carried rumors that the Electoral Commission chief had been killed. All this was meant to rally Raila Odinga's supporters and create anarchy. (I can provide saved HTML web pages and screen shots).Raila Odinga, William Ruto and Najib Balala have the power to order their supporters to stop the genocide but they are not ready to. They think that the killings will earn them political capital but that is not going to be the case.

The international community needs to look carefully at the historical data that led us to this. We should not excuse those committing the genocide by simply pointing out at the election results. In Kenya we have a saying that loosely translates: “the raging river that you see was once made up of streams.”

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Options for a solution to the post-election crisis

Kenyans Make me proud and I know we can do it. Haraaaaaaambeeeee! Tusaidiane.

Here is Mr Ngugi an assistant professor of Law, in collaboration with six other scholars working in the United States doing what great people do.

Before you read Ngugi's commentary, just step into the mind of FRED MUDHAI's, " Don’t kill your brothers and sisters for the sake of a political elite."

To ensure the road to peace is not full of pot holes with negative thought of what took place in Eldoret, Sammy Kitula paints a very colorful image of our ambassadors of peace. Listen to this paragraph:

"Sitting at the heart of the Great Rift Valley, just a few kilometres from Eldoret town and considered the nerve of athletics is the Kipchoge Keino High Performance Training Camp. It is located on a farm owned by the legendary Kenyan track star and is designated as an approved high altitude training facility by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)."

I read that paragraph three times and just wondered if I can re-programme my thoughts and all those who died in the church. They must have names and we cannot afford to forget them. Anyone with names of the children, mothers, fathers, grand mothers, uncles or who they were. I guess right now it is not a priority.

I am very bitter. I too feel a bit ashamed, (by any means neccesary can wait) but deep inside I recent dictatorships of whatever color or smell. Deep inside I cannot look at Kibaki and not feel ashamed. How could he.? It was like an abortion. The whole world was proud of us, the observers had already finnished their reports and their conclusion was a clear, "hey world, here is AFRICA and the Kenyans are leading." That was not meant to be.

Did you read what Moooooody Awori was saying after being fired by people from his home. He should be ashamed, and Kibaki's letter without mentioning ODM or Raila. Is he drunk or did someone else write the letter in lala land. Concerned parties are all Kenyans and are you deeply disturbed by the senseless rigging.

( Daily Nation)
Options for a solution to the post-election crisis
Story by JOEL M. NGUGI
Publication Date: 1/4/2008

KENYA IS IN DEEP CRISIS. IT is sitting on the precipice of a fully-fledged ethnic-based violent rupture. As death, mayhem, and possible genocide unravel, Kenyan politicians and leaders seem dangerously unwilling or unable to show genuine and effective leadership in ending the ethnic strife.

In refusing to seek an immediate end to the ethnic strife, perhaps each side hopes to somehow gain the upper hand in the resolution of the crisis. This is both dangerous and unacceptable.

The first step must be to end the violence. Neither side should equivocate on this. Neither side should take any other steps which might escalate the mounting tension.

Even as the Government attempts to control the violence, it must be sensitive to the underlying cause, and that avoids giving credence to the notion that the Kibaki regime is merely trying to perpetuate itself in power.

The Government must understand that there is genuine anger at the real and perceived irregularities in the elections, and understand that half the country see these irregularities as Kibaki’s illegitimate attempt to remain in power.
On the other hand, ODM leaders and supporters must understand that the first task is not to determine the winner of the elections.

The first task is to end the madness of violence that has engulfed us. They must desist from making any further comments which might inflame their supporters. Averting genocide is more urgent than determining the election winner.

THE SECOND STEP MUST BE TO FIND a political solution to the current impasse on the outcome of the presidential elections. There is no doubt that many Kenyans consider the outcome as announced by the ECK to be rigged.
There are many valid questions about voter turnout in some PNU and ODM strongholds as the Maragua and Rarieda cases indicate. The first step to finding a political solution must be for Kibaki and Raila to meet on mutually agreed terms. Each must desist from making unreasonable demands for such a meeting.

For such a meeting to be fruitful, the Kibaki government must soften its stance that the only solution to the crisis is a “legal” one pursued through the judicial process. The Government must immediately stop its rhetoric that no “mediation” is required to avert a crisis.

On the other hand, Raila must withdraw his demand that Kibaki steps down before he agrees to a meeting. He must understand that by meeting Kibaki, he would not be legitimising his presidency; he would be exercising responsible leadership.

A meeting between Raila and Kibaki would serve both performative symbolic and pragmatic functions. Symbolically, such a meeting sends a message to their supporters that it is time for peace, while giving hope to a mutually agreeable solution. Pragmatically, it will give a chance to both leaders and their advisers to start considering solutions to the crisis.

One such solution is to agree to a re-tallying of all the presidential votes. For this to ultimately work, both sides should agree on the rules of the game first.
FOR EXAMPLE, BOTH SIDES SHOULD agree on what to do where there is evidence of tampering with Form 16(A) or when to pursue further investigations at the constituency level before utilising the numbers provided to the ECK.

The re-tallying should be done by a credible, independent and international body. Such a body will eliminate any claims that the final outcome was determined by the respective party’s self-interest.

Another possible solution, which both sides must seriously consider in light of the ethnic strife engulfing the country, is another presidential election.
If this solution is to work, both parties must agree on terms for a “transitional government.” If this option is elected, for example, a transitional government does not necessarily have to be a short-term power-sharing arrangement.

Both parties could agree to legally limit the kinds of powers the Executive would exercise during the transitional period until another election is carried out.
A third political solution could be to combine a softer version of the “transitional government” solution with a legal solution. The parties could agree that Kibaki continues presiding over a transitional government until a legal solution is pursued and finalised.

However, rather than utilise the deeply flawed, highly technical election petition process, the parties could agree on a new, independent election tribunal that could consider all election complaints and determine their validity.

One could think of creative ways to make such a tribunal “legal” within our legal system — for example by asking the Chief Justice to constitute it, with input from both sides, from among mutually agreeable High Court judges so that it actually sits as an election court with an expedited schedule — and operating under new rules of procedure agreed upon by both parties, but formally promulgated by the Chief Justice.

Finally, both parties could agree on a longer-term power-sharing formula where both the ODM and PNU agree to form a government until the next presidential elections are held.

This could have the advantage of giving the country a chance to heal before the next polls. If this course of action is chosen, it might also include an agreement for legal, political, and constitutional reforms that must be undertaken before the next presidential elections, and the time-table for such reforms.

As this crisis has shown, we badly need electoral and constitutional reforms — and these reforms could be a sound basis for the healing that the country badly needs.

IF ANY OF THESE POLITICAL SOLUTIONS is chosen, the parties must agree on the effect of the solution elected on existing legal mechanisms for pursuing the rights of the parties. For example, the parties must agree if a particular solution pre-empts and precludes the legal solutions envisaged in the Constitution and statutes.

These political solutions require bold and responsible leadership by both Kibaki and Raila, and a measure of humility by their supporters.
On Kibaki’s side, it will require acceptance of international mediation as the basis for establishing consensus. Since the Government prefers “dialogue”, this will be a significant concession.

On Raila’s side, it will require that he takes aggressive action to calm his supporters and that he seeks to legitimise his claim to the presidency through one of the measures suggested above.

Mr Ngugi is an assistant professor of Law, University of Washington, Seattle. This article was written in collaboration with six other scholars working in the United States.

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Man Beaten To Death In Kenya( bado tumelala)

Habari Nyote, (Anaglia Kenya Yetu, hawa ni ndugu zetu)
Tafadhali soma.

Hapa Dayton tuko na wakikuyu na wajaluo wengi na makabila mengine kidogo, lakini sote ni wakenya. Najua kuna chuki baina ya wengi. Chuki ambayo haina msingi wakati ndugu zetu wanauana bure.

Natuma barua na picha kila wakati nikijua wengi wanasoma. Sababu kubwa ya kutuma ni kuhakikisha milango ya mawasiliano iko wazi. Jina langu ni Mohamed, ndio mimi ni Muislamu na wengi wenzangu ni Wakristo, lakini ukiuliza mtu yeyote ambaye ananifahamu, atacheka nakujibu, "huyo Mohamed Mkenya." Pia wewe na wengine, majirani wako wanakujua kama Mkenya.

Barua hii singeweza kuandika, isipokuwa tuko pahali pabaya sana wakenya wenzangu. Tusingojee mambo yaharibike kabisa na Kenya kubadilika iwe kama Somalia ama nchi zingine duniani ambazo ziko katika habari kila siku. Najua wengi hawataki Kenya izungumzwe vibaya. Tusimame kama binaadamu walio barikiwa, tufanye kazi ya haki.

Mungu ametuchagua kuwa pahali ambapo tunaweza kufanya makubwa. Tusaidie nci yetu na ndugu zetu. Basi nawaomba musimame tufanye kazi. Leteni maoni.

Kama kazi yako ni kusaidia wengine, simama uisabiwe
Kama wewe ni mwalimu, simama uisabiwe.
Kama wewe ni daktari, simama uisabiwe
Kama wewe ni fundi simama uisabiwe.
Kama wewe ni mwandishi, simama uisabiwe.
Kama wewe ni mwanafunzi, simama uisabiwe.
Kama wewe ni tajiri, simama uisabiwe.
Kama wewe ni masikini, simama uisabiwe.
Kama wewe ni muhubiri, simama uisabiwe.
Kama wewe ni Mkenya, LAZIMA usimame uisabiwe.
MVUKA itasimama iisabiwe. Huu ndio wakati wakutumia MVUKA.
Mola ametubariki na viongozi wazuri walio hakikisha,
"Miami Valley United Kenya Association," iko hai.

Asanteni sana na Mola awabariki,

Mohamed Ahmed
aka: Kamau Onyango

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thank You Kenyan Pundit. How broke we are

When I am on the road, Kenyan Pundit keeps me up to date. Asante
When I get in the net, Kenyan Pundit, here I am. Asante
When I blog my thoughts, back N forth to Pundit. Asante
When you said you have to go, how broke I am, but. Asante
When are we going to learn, Kenyan Pundit must not go. Asante
It is NOW to write a cheque, then check out Kenyan Pundit fly. Asante
All you have done the last week, we can never pay you, but. Asante
For those who have not stepped into the world of Kenyan Pundit. Asante.
Just imagine what you have been missing, so say it, yes, say it. Asante

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Shame on Luos, Kalenjins and fellow Kenyans

NewYork Times tells the most horrific story of how the church in Eldoret was burned by Kelenjins and Luos. Ruto, Raila, Pentagon and ODM should think about the loss differently.
The election can be held at another time.
Right now we have to stop the madness.
The killing of innocent people is not the answer.

Thank you NewYork Times for doing the right thing. "Telling the Truth."

“As soon as we heard about the Kalenjins coming, we brought our people to the church,” said John Njorge, a Kikuyu. “A church is supposed to be safe.” Cont.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Red Cross, "Humanitarian crisis in the Rift Valley "

Watch The Video

ICRC regional delegation
Denis Pritt Road
P.O. Box 73226 - 00200
(covers Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania)
Tel.: (+254) 202 723 963 - 4 - 5 /
202 713 367 - 8 - 9
Fax: (+254) 202 715 598

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Kivuitu Did the right thing, "Save his skin."

What would you have done?

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Yes, vote tallying had problems, admits Kivuitu

Here it is:

Yes, vote tallying had problems, admits Kivuitu
Publication Date: 1/3/2008

ECK chairman Samuel Kivuitu has admitted there were problems in the tallying of presidential votes.
And when he demanded all constituency tallies, he found some figures were not the ones he had personally seen, he said.
As of Tuesday, he added, the commission had not received the official Form 16 from four constituencies. The forms give the actual figures from constituencies signed by the returning officer.
It is those forms that had raised a furore when ODM leaders disputed the results, arguing that 49 constituencies had not submitted them and that the ECK was merely using a computer generated form that could be done anywhere.
The commission had delayed announcing the presidential results because it had not received the forms which are normally signed by the returning officer to confirm the true results. Mr Kivuitu also revealed for the first time that an ECK officer had shown him two constituencies whose results had been tampered with before the final results were released. And, although he had asked that the original figures be the ones to be included in the final tally, this was not the case as the inflated figures were allowed to stand.
He said the officer had shown him forms of two constituencies — Juja and Kieni — whose results had been tampered with and the returning officer had not counter-signed, as is the normal practice.
A shocked Mr Kivuitu said: “What surprised me was the files I saw yesterday (Tuesday) were very clean and the two files I saw (previously) were very dirty because of the cancellation.”
But he defended his decision to announce the results, saying they had been approved by all commissioners although he added that some of them were engaged in “stupid quarrels”.
Asked why he had not established the authenticity of the results before announcing, he said: “I announced the totals after all commissioners agreed after analysing them the whole night.”
I insisted
He added: “But when I insisted to get all the files with form 16, I was brought the files yesterday (Tuesday) which had the forms except from four constituencies and the results which I saw there from Juja and Kieni were the ones that were altered. We are still investigating, but I was shocked, absolutely shocked!”
Mr Kivuitu also said although he had seen dirty forms during tallying, those that he was brought when he demanded were very clean. “There seems to be something going on there which I don’t know. I got quite disappointed when observers said they were not being allowed into the building (tallying centre),” he said in an interview.
He said it was then that he decided to go there and see what was happening.
And he added: “When I went to the room later, one officer told me there is something happening here…look at these files — Juja and Kieni — I was amazed to see results which had been signed by the returning officer had been altered and not counter signed.”
Mr Kivuitu said there could be the court alternative or mediation between President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga to resolve the issue through a recount.
However, the second alternative must only be entered into with a solemn agreement that if there was an anomaly, there should be another election like it happened in Lesotho within a year.
He said he wanted to get to the bottom of the matter and could only quit after establishing the truth or if there were roadblocks to stop him from getting to know what happened. He had informed his commissioners that he was dissatisfied.
And he added: “There was immense pressure on me to announce the results in order to avert insecurity which I was advised was building up due to the delay.”
ECK was seeking a legal opinion from two lawyers from the continent to advise them on how to approach the issue.

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"Safe Zones" Churches and Mosques a Must.

Hot Spots in Kenya (We are better than killings each other)

Narok__Nairegia,Enkare, Ntulele
Molo__Sirikwa, Ndeffo
Kisumu___Manyatta, Nyamasira
Nairobi___Kibera, Mathare, Huruma, Mukuru
Nakuru ____Ngenia, Sirikwa, Meta, Mau Narok, Mukungugo, Kihingo

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Kibaki Lost by: 467,176 Votes

According to the Election Commission of Kenya, the real votes before being terrorized and after:

Kibaki ______3,748,261
Total ______7,963,698
Kibaki lost by: _467,176

Kibaki ____4,584,721
Raila _____4,352,993
Total _____8,937,714
Raila lost by: 231,728

Total Fake Votes 974,016. You wonder if it is a satanic number.
Only Kibaki and some very stupid thugs know. That is why ECK had to stop counting. The numbers were too big. The thugs wanted Kibaki to get all the fake votes, but Kivuitu convinced them to give some to ODM. KMwizi Kibaraka was given 836,460
and Raila 137,556

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Total Fake Votes 974,016

So many have died in Kenya for no reason at all. Some might say Kikuyu this or Jaluo that, but just venture into Kibera or Mathare. Kikuyus and Jaluos are the majority. We have let our fellow Kenyans down and we have stolen their humanity too. .

Elections after what Kenya has been through, MUST be normal like in many parts of the world. We survived Moi and his stupid mlolongo and now upumbavu na ujinga ndio unatupeleka.

A church was burned with people inside.
Why did they do it?
Is it some Satanic belief or something so evil even Satan is better. Women and children were burned in a church and nobody has been arrested and it looks like it is being accepted as normal.

People of good conscious must stand up and demand justice. Hey people! The church is a very sacred place and must be left as such. The church must always be a safe place. Yes, the church is a SAFE ZONE. There is going to be a demonstration against the rigging o f the elections, but we cannot sit and wait. We all must demonstrate against the attack of anyone in a church, let alone burn a church full of people.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kibaki Must Step Down Petition

Go add your name to the PETITION. Make history.
Join the Coalition of Kenyans and Allies for Democracy.
Many from all over the world have signed.


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Even Obonyo cannot believe Kibaki ni Mwizi

Oscar Obonyo is a Senior Political Writer with The Standard Group.
Standard is doing a very good job, but they too are human including Obonyo.

Obonyo, hey Brother Oscar Obonyo Obonyo. Many Kenyans have died not because of what you wrote, but they too were on the same wave of "make believe lala land. "Where do you stand now? Do you still stand by your last paragraph in, "Is Kibaki out to rig elections?"

"I am strongly persuaded that President Kibaki is not your kind of man who will lose sleep because of an election loss. If it happens, it might just be "Kazi Iendelee" as usual. In fact, he will concede defeat as he did at the referendum, to the chagrin of his diehard PNU operatives."
Obonyo is a Senior Political Writer with The Standard Group

I guess Not.
The economist turned politician, became respected Finance Minister and blah blah blah, has gone bad. What are we going to tell the kids? Our presendente is thief, mwizi, rui.... I guess yes.

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Kivuitu, "I do not know whether Kibaki won the election".

It is official from Kivuitu, the ECK Chairman.
Mwizi Kibaraka LOST.

East Afican Standard
By Isaac Ongiri

On Tuesday night, Mr Samuel Kivuitu made a damning admission that he announced results of the fiercely contested presidential election under pressure.
The announcement plunged the country into a post-election violence of a scale never witnessed before.
The magnitude of the Electoral Commission chairman’s admission and the further dent on the credibility of the election was captured in his answer when asked if indeed President Kibaki won the elections: "I do not know whether Kibaki won the election".
Kivuitu continued with his stunning revelations when he said he took the presidential election winner’s certificate to State House, Nairobi, after "some people threatened to collect it while I’m the one mandated by law to do so".
"I arrived at State House to take the certificate and I found the Chief Justice there, ready to swear-in Kibaki," Kivuitu said.
On claims that he was under undue pressure to declare results, Kivuitu said: "Some PNU (Party of National Unity) and ODM-Kenya leaders put me under pressure by calling me frequently, asking me to announce the results immediately".
President Kibaki ran for re-election on a Party of National Unity ticket, while Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, made his bid on an ODM-Kenya ticket. Mr Raila Odinga, who has said he was robbed of victory, ran on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket.
On Tuesday, Kivuitu said the alleged pressure to declare results came in the wake of parallel pressure from a number of ambassadors from the European Union countries and Mr Maina Kiai of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights not to announce the results until complaints, which arose, were addressed.
"I had thought of resigning, but thought against it because I don’t want people to say I’m a coward," he said. The embattled ECK chairman made the revelations shortly after meeting with 22 ECK commissioners.
On Tuesday, Kivuitu conceded that matters that arose from the poll results were so urgent that they should be taken to court, and the ruling done with minimum delay to ease national tension.
Court settlement
"If this matter is finally taken to court, the ruling should be made urgently so that if it were decided that Raila is the President, so be it. If it is Kibaki, so be it," he added.
Kivuitu said he made the decision, whose far-reaching implications are now being felt across the country. He said he announced the results because the commission had no legal mandate to investigate complaints raised by the opposition immediately.
Kivuitu fell short of naming the individuals from the two parties — PNU and ODM-Kenya — who coerced him to announce the disputed poll outcome, but went on to announce that the commission was consulting eminent lawyers over the next course of action "so that its actions remain within the law".
The EU observer team has discredited the poll results and urged for an independent audit.
On his part, Kivuitu said he backed independent investigation into what may have happened, but added that this would be only if the law would provide for it.
"We are culprits as a commission. We have to leave it to an independent group to investigate what actually went wrong," the chairman said, stunning local and international journalists, who had gathered at his Nairobi residence.
It has also emerged that some countries concerned with the poll outcome, like South Africa, had sent in their electoral officials to the country.
Kivuitu said the officials would be arriving on Wednesday "to look into the matter".
On Tuesday, Kivuitu was in a meeting with his 22 commissioners, which his deputy, Mr Kihara Muttu, described as "a house-keeping meeting".
In a signed statement, the 22 commissioners condemned the violence, which up to last night had claimed the lives of about 300 people.

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Open Letter To US Secretary Of State

A Kenya Patriot wrote an "Open Letter To US Secretary Of State."
All you have to do is copy, paste, Print and Mail to:
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Ask Mwai Kibaki To Resign.
He has no legitimacy nor the majority to govern.

Dear Condoleeza Rice,
United States Secretary Of State.

As a US citizen with family in Kenya, I am alarmed at the United State's initial reaction to the disputed Kenyan election.

All foreign observers including the EU have raised serious concerns and withheld congratulatory messages to Mwai Kibaki, who hurriedly swore himself in office after a disputed election.

The congratulatory messages by the US envoy to Mwai Kibaki, emboldened him to deal ruthlessly with the opposition's protestation, after he (Kibaki) unceremoniously swore himself in office last Sunday night, less than 1 hour after being declared winner.

The knee-jerk action by the US envoy was a mistake that could very well be the onset of genocide in an otherwise peaceful nation that Kenya is.

Even though the State Department has recalled the congratulatory message, The United States, being a champion of democracy and rule of law by civilians, must move swiftly to send a clear and strong message that natures democratic principles.

The Kenyan Government must be condemned for use of live bullets to quell wanainchi's (voter's) protestation. The US understands that looters lawless demonstrators must be arrested and prosecuted and not shot at sight with live bullets.

The US must demand that the Opposition must be accorded freedom of expression, and that in turn must use it peacefully.

The US must also demand that the Kibaki government withdraws the ban of live media broadcast, and stop forthwith the harassment of press houses that are not pro-government.

Life is precious and all efforts must now be made to prevent a civil war. As influential as the Unites States is in it's foreign policy of spreading democracy throughout the world, The United States must lead from the front and do it now.

A lot of lives have already been lost. The US' action must be swift, right and clear. This action could prevent further loss of lives, unless the US' national security interest in Kenya does not include preventing genocide.

May God bless the United States and Kenya.

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U.S. Issue Travel Warning to Kenya

There is always the first time. If you have never cared about the Travel Warning to whatever country, I am sorry to say you have just lost a very proud member. Here is how the Travel Warning looks like.

Kenya (It is OK to click and join the CLUB)
Take another step into the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi.
If you have time, venture in and you see:
Kenya is first and East Africa is Last on the Travel Warning List.

Because we are Kenyans, "We have to get off the LIST" to show the world we love PEACE. We also have to prove to all those who had predicted what we see today that they were Very Very Wrong.

December 31, 2007
1. This Public Announcement is being issued to alert American citizens to the security situation following disputed elections in Kenya. U.S. citizens should strongly consider the risks of travel to Kenya at this time. The situation in Kenya is volatile and subject to change.

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Another Open Letter to Mwizi Kibaraka

Kenyans all over the world are disturbed by what is going on and are overwhelmingly opposed to Mwizi Kibaraka.
Here's another open letter

All Kenyans are standing by what is right except a few who believe in Ngai wa Kirinyaga.

Nyumba ya Mumbi should be respected, but what should be done if thieves hide inside Nyumba ya Mumbi?

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The Revolution will be Blogged

Heshima si utumwa
Odinga the father said, "we have to wait for Mzee."
Kenyatta said, "mujinga wewe," and Kenyatta ruled like a king.
Kenyans kept quiet, many served at Kamiti and some were mudered. (Remember Patrick Shaw)
Moi was not supposed to rule, but luckily he got the chance.
24 years were a bit too many, even the Kikuyus could not believe.
Odinga the son, being ignorant of his father's mistake and the saying, " the apple does not fall far from the tree," went ahead with "Kibaki Tosha." He also stood tall to show Kenya is bigger than his tribe. "Wajaluo hawana chuki." (WE All Pray and HOPE)
Kenyans watched as Lucy Kibaki became the most famous First Lady, slapping a repoter.

Today, there is no question Kikuyus are very united, not against Raila Odinga the Luo, but against fellow Kenyans.
The question that needs to be answerd is.......there are many, but the main one is:
What are the concequences?

It looks like Kenyans will not be watching the news, but making the front pages. I never thought Kenyans would be stupid enough to go back to the days of Msaliti or "Weka hiyo Karl Marx ndani." But here we are again, back to the days of"Kenya Twenda Wapi?
JM, Pinto, Argwings Kothek , and many others Pambazuka printing press might be out of ink, but the writers have access to Blogs
Do Kenyans have guts and intelligence to do the right thing
The revolution will not be televised
The Revolution will be Blogged

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Open letter to Kibaki

I found an excellent letter to Mwizi Kibaraka and other important contacts at, Elections Kenya 08

Let us send as many emails as possible and make sure we add other contacts. All Donor countries should get a copy; all news media; Kenyans all over the world; Friends of Freedom and Democracy; enemies of Dictorships; Lovers of PEACE etc.

We can stop the Mwizi Kibaraka train of DEATH on it's tracks.
The message should be clear to Mwizi Kibaraka:
AAtoke! AAende and let Kenyan be, " a peace Loving Country with MANY tribes."

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Kenyans Going Rwanda

A pastor in Eldoret, Boaz Mutekwa, told the BBC that there were about 400 people taking refuge in the church, which belonged to the Kenya Assemblies of God.
He said the church was set on fire at about 1000 (0700 GMT). He said most of the victims were members of the same Kikuyu ethnic group as the newly re-elected President Mwai Kibaki.

Kenyans burned to death in church

Kibaki and his fellow thugs don't care about the poor, even if they are Kikuyus. Kenyans should not attack Fellow Poor Kenyans.
Kenyans are bigger than Kibaki or the Kikuyus.
Kenyans should be brave to stop anyone from attacking Kikuyus or Luos.
If we are to attack anyone, it should be The Thugs around Kibaki.

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Election officials call for probe

It is a bit interesting reading, MACHARIA GAITHO's commentary in the Daily Nation titled, "Who will save Kenya from the brink? Raila must try." He is very clear were he stands, not for justice and peace, but "I am for Kikuyus and not for the truth, Blame Raila and hold him responsible for allowing Kibaki to steal the election." The Daily Nation might allow Macharia to spew his hate for the truth, but they still believe in reporting. Lucas Barasa not a Kikuyu, reports from ECK, "Election officials call for probe."

At this point, is it possible for a Kikuyu or a Jaluo to be objective?

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Rais Mwizi Kibaraka Lazima Atolewe

New York Times is doing an excellent job. Let us spread the word and make sure the world knows who is the KILLER of Democracy. The world would not stand and watch the most stable country in Africa go the Somalia or Rwanda way.

This is a total throwback,” said Maina Kiai, chairman of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights. “We are going back to the days of dictatorship.”

Fighting Intensifies After Election in Kenya (NewYork Times keep it UP)

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Mwizi Kibaki Anaiba Wazi Wazi

Koki Muli, co-chairwoman of the Kenya Election Domestic Observation Forum, said she was in the room on Sunday when the election commission was presented with dozens of suspicious tally sheets — some missing signatures, others missing stamps — and most of them were from the president’s stronghold of central Kenya. In some areas, more people voted for the president than there were registered voters. “I saw this with my own eyes,” she said.

Read more at NewYork Times:

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Kibaki must be held responsible for the bloodshed. ECK has no excuse, they too can be charged for complicity to commit genocide. Those who are looking at the tribal hatred and murder might be naive to try to blame Raila, but the truth is Kibaki number 2, must be stopped by any means necessary. The signs are very clear, "A Tribal Dictatorship." Kenyans had no problem in the last election when Kibaki, a Kikuyu ran against Uhuru, another Kikuyu. It is time for Kikuyus to stand up and smell the chai. Kikuyus are the poorest and the most oppressed. Shoot to Kill has always been used against Kikuyus "Del Monte." The only matatus that must go to the police station for a strip search, are the ones going to Kikuyuland. There are more Kikuyus in prison than any other group. Kikuyus just like they rejected Uhuru and what he stood for, can reject Kibaki for trying to bring back the KANU type dictatorship. Raila and Luos should also be very careful when making statements about the election. Kenyans did not vote for Raila the Luo; Kenyans voted for Raila the ODM nominee.