Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Open Letter To US Secretary Of State

A Kenya Patriot wrote an "Open Letter To US Secretary Of State."
All you have to do is copy, paste, Print and Mail to:
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Ask Mwai Kibaki To Resign.
He has no legitimacy nor the majority to govern.

Dear Condoleeza Rice,
United States Secretary Of State.

As a US citizen with family in Kenya, I am alarmed at the United State's initial reaction to the disputed Kenyan election.

All foreign observers including the EU have raised serious concerns and withheld congratulatory messages to Mwai Kibaki, who hurriedly swore himself in office after a disputed election.

The congratulatory messages by the US envoy to Mwai Kibaki, emboldened him to deal ruthlessly with the opposition's protestation, after he (Kibaki) unceremoniously swore himself in office last Sunday night, less than 1 hour after being declared winner.

The knee-jerk action by the US envoy was a mistake that could very well be the onset of genocide in an otherwise peaceful nation that Kenya is.

Even though the State Department has recalled the congratulatory message, The United States, being a champion of democracy and rule of law by civilians, must move swiftly to send a clear and strong message that natures democratic principles.

The Kenyan Government must be condemned for use of live bullets to quell wanainchi's (voter's) protestation. The US understands that looters lawless demonstrators must be arrested and prosecuted and not shot at sight with live bullets.

The US must demand that the Opposition must be accorded freedom of expression, and that in turn must use it peacefully.

The US must also demand that the Kibaki government withdraws the ban of live media broadcast, and stop forthwith the harassment of press houses that are not pro-government.

Life is precious and all efforts must now be made to prevent a civil war. As influential as the Unites States is in it's foreign policy of spreading democracy throughout the world, The United States must lead from the front and do it now.

A lot of lives have already been lost. The US' action must be swift, right and clear. This action could prevent further loss of lives, unless the US' national security interest in Kenya does not include preventing genocide.

May God bless the United States and Kenya.

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Kibaki must be held responsible for the bloodshed. ECK has no excuse, they too can be charged for complicity to commit genocide. Those who are looking at the tribal hatred and murder might be naive to try to blame Raila, but the truth is Kibaki number 2, must be stopped by any means necessary. The signs are very clear, "A Tribal Dictatorship." Kenyans had no problem in the last election when Kibaki, a Kikuyu ran against Uhuru, another Kikuyu. It is time for Kikuyus to stand up and smell the chai. Kikuyus are the poorest and the most oppressed. Shoot to Kill has always been used against Kikuyus "Del Monte." The only matatus that must go to the police station for a strip search, are the ones going to Kikuyuland. There are more Kikuyus in prison than any other group. Kikuyus just like they rejected Uhuru and what he stood for, can reject Kibaki for trying to bring back the KANU type dictatorship. Raila and Luos should also be very careful when making statements about the election. Kenyans did not vote for Raila the Luo; Kenyans voted for Raila the ODM nominee.