Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Even Obonyo cannot believe Kibaki ni Mwizi

Oscar Obonyo is a Senior Political Writer with The Standard Group.
Standard is doing a very good job, but they too are human including Obonyo.

Obonyo, hey Brother Oscar Obonyo Obonyo. Many Kenyans have died not because of what you wrote, but they too were on the same wave of "make believe lala land. "Where do you stand now? Do you still stand by your last paragraph in, "Is Kibaki out to rig elections?"

"I am strongly persuaded that President Kibaki is not your kind of man who will lose sleep because of an election loss. If it happens, it might just be "Kazi Iendelee" as usual. In fact, he will concede defeat as he did at the referendum, to the chagrin of his diehard PNU operatives."
Obonyo is a Senior Political Writer with The Standard Group

I guess Not.
The economist turned politician, became respected Finance Minister and blah blah blah, has gone bad. What are we going to tell the kids? Our presendente is thief, mwizi, rui.... I guess yes.

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Kibaki must be held responsible for the bloodshed. ECK has no excuse, they too can be charged for complicity to commit genocide. Those who are looking at the tribal hatred and murder might be naive to try to blame Raila, but the truth is Kibaki number 2, must be stopped by any means necessary. The signs are very clear, "A Tribal Dictatorship." Kenyans had no problem in the last election when Kibaki, a Kikuyu ran against Uhuru, another Kikuyu. It is time for Kikuyus to stand up and smell the chai. Kikuyus are the poorest and the most oppressed. Shoot to Kill has always been used against Kikuyus "Del Monte." The only matatus that must go to the police station for a strip search, are the ones going to Kikuyuland. There are more Kikuyus in prison than any other group. Kikuyus just like they rejected Uhuru and what he stood for, can reject Kibaki for trying to bring back the KANU type dictatorship. Raila and Luos should also be very careful when making statements about the election. Kenyans did not vote for Raila the Luo; Kenyans voted for Raila the ODM nominee.