Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Title Is Changing To, "The Kikuyu."

The title is changing slowly but sure to, "The Kikuyu." If the arrogance of the Kikuyu Elite continues then expect the worst adjectives to be inserted before "Kikuyu."

Yes, being Kenyans we are different, we just looked at the inhuman tribal pride, sometimes with a smile. We prayed and hoped that someone somewhere will say "this is not right," but here we are. It is very sad we are here, but can we say for a fact that we Kenyans would never have arrived hapa tuko, this ugly destination? The light was on all those many moons, but blindly we chose to believe our beautiful and soothing words of the national anthem. We sang and believed, but can we also truly say, we all believed? You never know, but there is a possibility some of us were laughing at the rest.

The links below are a sign of something good for the future of Kenya, but it might also turn to be the beginning of the ugly hate of one tribe, the Kikuyu. Many of us can claim to have Kikuyu friends and sometimes family members, but if we don’t start talking to each other and helping those who are really in need of help then all friendship and family will goo to the toilet.

(1) Washington Post on January 16, 2008 had a very telling story or are they writing a future script. Let us hope it is not their wish.

"I am at a disadvantage because I'm Luo." Amini usiamini.
lakini sikiza vile anasema:
"Kikuyus and Luos do not read from the same page," Ulikuwa wajua?.
It was around 5 p.m. when he got off a bus run by a Kikuyu company and
made his way through the crowded dirt paths of Kangeme
He bought vegetables at a Kikuyu-owned stand,
walked to his Kikuyu-owned house
on Kikuyu-owned land and
washed his face with water from a Kikuyu-owned pump.
"The vehicles on the road, theirs.
Vegetables in the market, theirs.
Plots, theirs," he said as he arrived home.
"There is only the air we are sharing."

Soma yote:
Tribal Identity Shapes Kenyan Views, Realities
Blocks Apart in Nairobi, Sharply Divergent Lives.

(2) "Corporate Kenya finally faces reality of tribalism."
The East African had another take:
"Corporate Kenya is waking up to the reality of how much political and ethnic conflicts at the national level can affect productivity at the workplace."
Selective ignorance, all those days. Paka alikufa aknuka na sasa ameoza.

Already, many companies with branches all over Kenya are being forced to effect hasty transfers by deploying staff to parts of the country deemed safe for particular tribes.
Some kind of affirmative action.

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Kibaki must be held responsible for the bloodshed. ECK has no excuse, they too can be charged for complicity to commit genocide. Those who are looking at the tribal hatred and murder might be naive to try to blame Raila, but the truth is Kibaki number 2, must be stopped by any means necessary. The signs are very clear, "A Tribal Dictatorship." Kenyans had no problem in the last election when Kibaki, a Kikuyu ran against Uhuru, another Kikuyu. It is time for Kikuyus to stand up and smell the chai. Kikuyus are the poorest and the most oppressed. Shoot to Kill has always been used against Kikuyus "Del Monte." The only matatus that must go to the police station for a strip search, are the ones going to Kikuyuland. There are more Kikuyus in prison than any other group. Kikuyus just like they rejected Uhuru and what he stood for, can reject Kibaki for trying to bring back the KANU type dictatorship. Raila and Luos should also be very careful when making statements about the election. Kenyans did not vote for Raila the Luo; Kenyans voted for Raila the ODM nominee.