Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hope to ban the Arabic word for “slave”

BASRA (Reuters)

Barack Obama's election in the United States has already had an impact in Iraq, inspiring some black Iraqis to run in a forthcoming election in the hope of ending what they call centuries of discrimination."Obama's win gave us moral strength," said Jalal Chijeel, secretary of the Free Iraqi Movement.He said the group would be the first to field black candidates in any Iraqi poll when it joins provincial elections scheduled for Jan. 31He argues Iraqis of African origin are not represented in top office, suffer disproportionately from poverty and illiteracy and are commonly referred to in derisive terms. (More)

My reaction to another post on the same subject:

You see Islam blah! Blah! I am sick and tired of stupidity of my fellow Muslims and pure racist shit. There is racism among Muslims and we cannot use Islam to explain it away. It is all over and you don't have to go to Iraq to see it. Just go to any community anywhere in the world. Why Siraj Wahaj and fellow outsiders start MANNA? Because of RACISM. Pure and simple. Yes, there it is. It is present in everyday Arabic or any language used by Muslims in conversations. Call your mama ABD and ask her how she feels. Would you like to be called abd or Abeed? I don't think so. Muslims have to realize that the tide is changing and Islam will not wait.

Black Iraqis are saying we are hurting and you are trying to say, "no you are just trying to benefit," .... whatever. The Dalits of India are making some progress, but every now and then haters just do what haters do.

Solution: Do what the jews are doing. Reaching out to all the Jews even in Yemen. It is bad, hha ha, but guess what; we can hate the Jews as much as we like, but at the end, we respect "their respect for their own." Black people have a long way, but we have to start reaching out for our own. Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Animist or whatever. We have to love our own soo much, until the others, just hate us for doing the right thing.

To paraphraze Brother Malcolm Shabazz, "They don't hate us because we ar Babtist, Methodist or Muslim...they hate us because we are BLACK."

Before I forget, can you ask the Imam to speak about the al Akhdam of Yemen and what Islam has to say about it. Tell her not to quote the Quran, but what Muslims can do to clean this racist shit from fake Muslims.

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