Sunday, November 2, 2008

Minneh K. Kane

Just wanted to keep this in mind after watching an interview on Yahoo. She has bi-racial kids. (Future interview for Kenyans Abroad)

Minneh K. Kaneh, Lead Counsel, Legal Vice Presidential Unit (VPU), World Bank
Ms. Kane, a Kenyan national, has worked at the World Bank since January 1988, and at present serves as a lead counsel in the Legal VPU. Focusing mainly on legal and judicial reform issues, she is currently working on projects and /or sector assessments in Kenya, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Prior to joining the Bank, Ms. Kane worked as a barrister in Kenya for Hamilton, Harrison and Mathews, the oldest and, at the time, the largest, law firm in East Africa. She handled corporate and commercial matters taking cases to the High Court and other courts in Kenya. Ms. Kane has a master's degree in law from Harvard Law School. She is a barrister-at-law of Grays Inn, London, and an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She has a B.A. with honors in English law and French law from the University of Kent at Canterbury, England and a diploma in French law from the Université de Paris-Sud, Faculté de droit de Sceaux, Paris, France.

This was very moving and I wondered if the swimming pool was finished

From Sr. Pauline:

"As you know I have recently celebrated my Golden Jubilee 50 years as a Loreto Sister. To mark this achievement I have launched a SWIMMING POOL FOR LORETO NYAKATO (Mwanza, Tanzania) project. I am appealing to you my past students, parents and teachers to help me to realize this dream I have for our children in Nyakato. I believe that our combined efforts can bring this about. The target is $50,000 and the goal is a swimming pool by the end of my Golden Jubilee Year.

In Tanzania, a swimming pool in a school is not only unheard of, but is not even in their imagination that such a thing could be possible. Yet I believe that a swimming pool would do so much to help our girls to gain self-confidence. Drownings in the lake are common because no one knows how to swim so this is another reason why a swimming pool is needed.

I want our girls to know that they are as good as young people anywhere in the world, and to have the confidence to face the world as well-equipped equals of Loreto students world-wide. They have already left their Mwanza contemporaries far behind because of the unique Loreto education which they are receiving. But there is still a lot of catching up to be done before they will have reached the full flowering of their talents and personalities which I believe they are capable of. A swimming pool for Loreto Nyakato is just one of the ways by which this catching up will happen.

Please help me to make my Golden Jubilee dream come true a swimming pool for Loreto Nyakato, please.

Thank you my dearly loved girls, parents and teachers for doing this for me.

(Sr.)Pauline Boase
Loreto Girls Secondary School,
Box 92, Mwanza, TANZANIA

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