Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"The Endorsement from Heaven,"

Greetings Obama supporters,

This is my take on Kristoff's Op-Ed titled, "The Endorsement from He*&%$."
The heading is very loaded and it is supposed to have the same Bush "fear effect." Hell is a negative and in this case it's deeper meaning is nothing but, MUSLIM; ISLAM; ARAB; NON-CHRISTIAN; OTHERNESS; THEM and all the negatives that don't apply to "US." Us could be anything, depending on where one stands or sees themselves. Does the other leaning towards McCain make the Obamans better human beings? I don't think so.

The use of the new code word which is beyond HATE, connecting a religion followed by the OTHER, yes ISLAM to fascism is something despicable and it's effect is the same as "Hate yourself" as well as "I hate you because..." Why should anyone try to make Muslims hate themselves? Why should anyone make any human being hate themselves? The only reasonable answer is, the opposite of hate is a bit too hard a path for many. LOVE. (just putting those letters together, yes, LOVE has a calming effect.)
Here is a link to I love you in many languages
LOVE LOVE LOVE NAKUPENDA, Je t'aime, Ngiyakuthanda, mein ap say muhabat karta hoon
I also could not understand how Kristoff after writing:
(1) "The U.S. chose a very confrontational route," in Somalia.
(2) "The greatest catastrophe is the one endured by ordinary Somalis who now must watch their children starve. "

His conclusion was beyond basic logic that, "the only winner has been Islamic militancy," which also means, MUSLIM, ISLAM, ARAB, NON-CHRISTIAN, OTHERNESS or THEM. One wonders who the losers are. If WE, US, not THEM are the losers, then who else are the winners. One in New jersey or Oklahoma cannot see the Somali mother as US nor anything near our humanity, but THEM. Yes, that Somali mother watching her starving child must be a WINNER too. Bush believed in Us Vs THEM and after thousands of innocent deaths, many have come to an intelligent conclusion that he was very wrong, and the human as well as DOLLAR value has been too high a price to pay.

We all have to refuse the "Us Vs Them" mentality and promote building bridges between all human beings. We have come too far as a species to accept and allow a pilot to drop death on those who don't even have running water nor the mobility to go to the river. It is about time we supported our troops to feed the hungry, fight disease, celebrate our differences and never to allow the destruction of a school, hospital, dams and all that makes us human.

I was not supposed to write or share my thoughts, but to tell you the truth, I feel good and free.

I totally believe Obama will be the next president of the USA, but just in case, you never know what the GOP magician has under her/his pants. If at all something very bad happens (God forbid), we saw it in 2000 and it is still possible. I will be able to say, "five days before the election, I was free and felt great." I will work very hard the next 5 days to hold on to this feeling of being FREE by knocking more doors, making more calls and do all that is possible to help Obama win the presidency and bring POSITIVE CHANGE.

We can do it! Yes We Can!
Being an Obama believer, I HOPE and wish the Obama era will be filled with basic humanity to the OTHER. We have come a long way to go back to FEARFASCISM. ( I deeply apologize to all those beautiful letters especially A and F)

"Dehumanizing even the worst of the worst, in a way diminishes our humanity."

The whole world has voted for Obama, now they are counting on YOU and ME.

Change We Can Believe,

Mohamed Ahmed

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