Saturday, February 16, 2008

No Electricity in Lamu, But Plenty in Mpeketoni

The findings reveal that access to electricity, in combination with
simultaneous access to markets and other infrastructure (roads, communication,
schools, etc), have contributed to robust growth of microenterprises in clear and
compelling ways. For instance, productivity per worker and gross revenues per
day increased by the order of over 200% for both carpentry and tailoring

Despite high tariffs [Ksh22.50 (US$0.30)/kWh or nearly 3 times the
national grid tariff], Mpeketoni Electricity Project has demonstrated that there
exists substantial unmet rural demand for electricity.

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James said...

This ehows how innactive the government is to meet the demands of Its own people or does not care
The idea of government hand controlling all of cerification and documentation of good investment or idea is also to blame as invvestors wouldd tap in these ponteial markets
God bless kenya

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