Saturday, February 9, 2008

Displaced Kenyans

Red Cross Report on 6, January 2008

According to official government statistics, there are 211,513 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) spread across the country

Nairobi Province - Kibera, Kawangware, Dandora, Mathare, Korogocho, Dagoretti; Nyanza Province - Kisumu and its environs, Migori and Nyando;

Western Province - Busia, Butere-Mumias, Bungoma andWebuye;
Rift Valley Province - Nakuru, Eldoret town, Narok, Kericho, Sotik, Kuresoi,
Coast Province -
Mombasa in particular Likoni and Kisauni, Mtongwe, Changamwe;
Eastern Province - Meru town and Nkubu;
North Eastern Province - Mandera Lamu.

Upto 55,000 people have been displaced in the South Rift Region. There are 20 stations in Nakuru, 24 in Molo, 11 in Kericho and 8 in Narok North and Narok South, as well as in Kipkelion and Ravine.

In Mombasa, 1,529 people have been displaced and are mainly camping in Likoni Catholic Church, Holy Ghost Cathedral, Makupa Hospital, Bomu Catholic Church. In

Busia, 3,750 people have been displaced and have settled in police stations.

In Bungoma, 9,870 people have been displaced and are mainly in Lumakanda, Bungoma town, Mumias, Kakamega and Malaba.

In Butere-Mumias, 700 people have been
displaced and are currently camping in Mumias and Butere police posts, and Khwisero DO camp.

35,000 people have been displaced in Kericho and are camping at the Kericho D.C’s compound, Londiani and Moi Garden. However, the IDPs in Kericho have been reducing substantially as most of them are being relocated to Ikenge and Nyamira.

25,000 people have been displaced in Moroki, Waruini, Sikhondu, Kiminini, Mucharage sokoni, Kiungani, Kibagenge, Kahibora, and Bondeni.
Migori is currently tense, but police are on standby. So far 700 have been displaced and are settled at Migori and
Rongo police stations, Sibania and Mabera D.Os office.

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